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MMS 3000

de AEV

MMS 3000 is AEV's new born of the MMS series, a console that made Radio Stations' history.

MMS 3000 has a modern design that makes it more suitable for new studios' fashion and it is provided with MMS well know reliability. It has a modular configuration that allows a customized configuration to one's exact needs and possible changes for future modifications.

MMS 3000 can be as well provided with AEV's internal telephone hybrids or connected to any other external: this makes it a perfect and complete console for Radio Stations. 

  • All Balanced inputs and outputs
    Modular 16 channel Mixer
    Input modules: Mic-Line, Line-Line and telephone hybrid
    A/B input control
    100 mm Sliders
    Mic Input with insert I/O and Phantom Supply
    GPIs and GPOs (optional)
    Two band tone module to control analog input modules (available only with MIC/LIN & LIN/LIN)
    Telephone opto-coupled hybrid with Digital Echo-canceller plug , parametric tone control (optional)
    Meeting function on telephone hybrid (PGM and UTL)
    3 independent bus (PGM, UTL, AUX ) stereo outputs
    3 independent Analog Stereo Outputs (PGM, UTL and AUX) 
    CUE Bus 
    Control Room and Studio modules with monitor mode selector 
    Control Room and Studio out with mute logic 
    2 Analog stereo VU meters: PGM (fix) and automatic CUE metering (switched) 
    2 stereo inputs for external sources 
    Integrated “Control Studio Fader” controls 


de AEQ

This console was designed to offer professional technology and features; it delivers the highest sound quality while working 24 hours a day 7 days a week at an affordable price suitable for small and medium sized radio stations.

Building on this highly successful product, AEQ is now launching its replacement, the AEQ BRAVO. While meeting the same basic requirements of the BC-300, the BRAVO incorporates user suggestions and many other new features.

Just some of the features the BRAVO has as standard: 

  • 4 mic / line channels 
    8 dual stereo line channels 
    1 dual telephone channel with hybrids included 
    2 stereo program buses 
    Stereo CUE bus with built-in loudspeakers 
    Stereo monitoring output with built-in power amplifier 
    Headphones output 

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